Apr. 8th, 2017

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 Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Argh, I'm so torn! I wanna say both Veronica Mars and Community

Veronica Mars is full of brilliant storytelling and incredible characters, and anyone who has not watched it is missing out in life. But if you're just not into 'serialised' crime-ish procedurals, it's premise may not lure you over. But trust me, it's soooo much more than 'teen misfit detective solves crimes in her spare time', it really is! The relationship between Veronica and her dad Keith is my favourite parent/child relationship of all time. They are gold. And then there's all the Logan and Veronica goodness! But...

Community is a bit more... "appealing to all mankind" (their words, not mine). It is an amazing, character driven comedy, and who doesn't love those? Even during its rough patches, Community shines (apart from Grifting 101, seriously, skip that one). The writing and performances are seriously top notch, and they are not afraid to step outside the box with some of their episodes. 


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