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 Day 24 - Best quote

My favourite quote (one of many, anyway) is Logan's drunken description of his and Veronica's relationship, after they broke up.

"I thought our story was epic, you know. You and me. Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, blood shed. Epic."

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 Day 21 - Favourite ship 

Oh my, there are so many ships I'm drowning in them.  Veronica and Logan? Epic. Sara and Michael? True Love. Audrey and Nathan? SOULMATES.  Peter and Olivia? Not even bald weirdos from the future could break these two up. 

Annie and Jeff? Annie and Jeff... Heartbreaking. These guys didn't start off as a pairing, but the chemistry between Joel McHale and Allison Brie was so off the charts they became endgame (sorta). And their story isn't finished yet! They better get together for realsies when (not if!) the movie happens or Imma throw shit.

Maybe Annie and Jeff then. But ask me again tomorrow, and my answer will probably be different. 

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Day 20 - Favourite kiss

There are a lot of kisses out there that made me squeal with glee, but I think Annie and Jeff's 'goodbye for now' kiss in 6x13 is one of  the most memorable and poignant ones...

"I let you go, Annie. From my hands and my head. The heart... Wants what it wants. But I let you go."
"I think... You should kiss me goodbye, or you might regret it for the rest of your life."
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 Day 19 - Best TV show cast

There are a lot of good options out there, including the cast of Stranger Things, but since I've mentioned it already, today I'm going to pick the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

It's such a great cast! They are all super talented and it seems as if every single character was tailor made! And they all also play off each other brilliantly. You could stick any two characters together, no matter how random, and there would be no weird awkwardness and lack of chemistry.

Andre Braugher absolutely KILLS IT as Captain Holt. I mean, seriously. He is being 100% genuine in every single one of these.

Terry Cews! Tania loves Terry! Plus, the chemistry between Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero is off da charts. 

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Day 18 - Favorite title sequence

Ah, this has to be Legends of Tomorrow. But not just any Legends of Tomorrow... MICK's intro sequence to Legends of Tomorrow.  Watch it and tell me it wasn't the best 22 seconds of your life. 

Bloody brilliant, ammaright??
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Day 17 - Favorite mini series

I don't think I've watched that many mini series, only three come to mind. If there have been others, they can't have been very memorable!

Alice from SyFy will be my pick for today, a mordern day retelling of Lewis Carroll books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. It stars Andrew-Lee Potts as the Mad Hatter, and he's great!

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 Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show 

Just Add Magic. Yeah, that's right, Just Add Magic, a show for pre-teen girls, about pre-teen girls that cook magic food out of a magic cookbook. 

I like it, leave me alone. 


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 Day 15 - Favorite female character 

This was tough one, there are a LOT of kick ass ladies out there that love, but If I reeeeeally have to narrow it down, I'm going to go with Veronica Mars. No, Sara Lance. NO! Olivia Dunham. 

Okay, okay, Veronica Mars, that's my final answer. She's a marshmallow. A marshmallow that can kick your ass ten ways to Sunday. If you have not watched Veronica Mars yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

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 Day 14 - Favorite male character

Tough choice... You have Logan Echolls, of course, and Michael Scofield and- oh who am I kidding, it's Scofield. It will always be Scofield. 

I mean, putting aside the fact that Wentworth Miller is so beautiful I want to cry, Michael is an amazing person. He's smart, charming, kind and he literally risked his life multiple times to save the people he loves. I mean, he died for the woman he loved. Doesn't get any more epic than that.

And he's also beautiful. Not handsome, handsome is not enough to describe this man. He is beauty personified. (Too much?)

Seriously, you have no idea how psyched I was when I heard there would be a season 5 of Prison Break. 

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 Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

Hands down, no contest, The Power Rangers, more specifically, Time Force. Just to prove that my answer to this question will never change, here, what I wrote 7 years ago, for this exact question!

"Five teenagers chosen to morph into powerful warriors, tasked with protecting the world from evil.

You don't get anymore epic than that. I used to be up every Saturday morning, at 7 am, without fail, to watch this crap. We played this at break time. They playground was a flurry of minions and power rangers (including never before seen peach ranger, indigo ranger and purple ranger...There were lots of us...) fighting each other like crazy. My most vivid memory of my childhood happens to be me, as the pink power ranger, fighting a minion. He pulled my leg from under me and I hit my head on a rock and almost passed out. Good times :) 

I watched pretty much every season until season 9, Time Force, with Time Force being my all time favourite.  I'll be honest, and admit that I never watched it to see plastic robots fighting each other amongst cardboard buildings.  I watched cause of the characters and the relationships. (Tommy and Kim anyone?) Which is probably why Time Force is my favourite.  Jen and Wes were probably my first serious ship :) She was from the future, engaged to this dude called Alex, but then the bad guy kills Alex and escapes to the past. Jen follows, seeking revenge, and meets Wes, who looks just like - wait for it - Alex. Then it turns out Alex isn't actually dead. A strange love triangle ensues. I thought it was super cool. :)" 

And there you have it, day 13. Didn't even break a sweat.

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 Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times 

I've not kept count, but I'd say Community's Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design. I'm sure I've watched that one a lot. It's my favourite Jeff/Annie episode, and it's totally nuts, I love it. Cars explode! People get shot! The Dean wears a time hoodie! What's not to love? 

In fact, I'm going to go watch it right now. 

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 Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

Orphan Black... It started out so well, it was soooo good and then... somewhere down the road it just lost it's spark for me. I thought the premise was amazing, and I was really looking forward to seeing where it would go, but it never really went anywhere. I stopped watching half way through season 3, and I'm not sure if I'll ever pick it up again. 

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 Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving 

Easy, Black Mirror. 

I mean, a show where the first episode is all about a guy being forced to have sexual intercourse with a pig on live TV just didn't sound like my cup of tea.  

But I was practically forced to watch it, and once you get through the pig stuff, Black Mirror is a really well written show... And also a little scary. 

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 Day 09 - Best scene ever 

Tough one... But there is one scene I watched repeatedly because it gave me so many goosebumps!

The scene in the museum with the painting, in the The Great Game episode of Sherock...

The little girl... The count down... The last second deduction... Argh, I almost had a heart attack! 


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 Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Argh, I'm so torn! I wanna say both Veronica Mars and Community

Veronica Mars is full of brilliant storytelling and incredible characters, and anyone who has not watched it is missing out in life. But if you're just not into 'serialised' crime-ish procedurals, it's premise may not lure you over. But trust me, it's soooo much more than 'teen misfit detective solves crimes in her spare time', it really is! The relationship between Veronica and her dad Keith is my favourite parent/child relationship of all time. They are gold. And then there's all the Logan and Veronica goodness! But...

Community is a bit more... "appealing to all mankind" (their words, not mine). It is an amazing, character driven comedy, and who doesn't love those? Even during its rough patches, Community shines (apart from Grifting 101, seriously, skip that one). The writing and performances are seriously top notch, and they are not afraid to step outside the box with some of their episodes. 


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 Day 07 - Least favourite episode of your favourite TV show 

I don't wanna talk about it. 


Grifting 101. I like to pretend it doesn't exist. The plot was dumb and pointless, and I just can't stand Matt Berry. I despise him with a passion. 

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 Day 06 - Favourite episode of your favourite TV show 

Favourite Community episode... I wanna say Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design, or a Fistful of Paintballs... But I think I'm going to go with Remedial Chaos Theory for many reasons, but mostly because it's the reason this GIF exists. 


I'm sure you've seen it around, and now you know where it's from! Even though it still probably doesn't make any sense, haha. This episode also gave us the Darkest Timeline (YEEEEEES) and lots of Jeff and Annie kisses (even though they never actually really happened).

It was a great episode, and even if you've never watched Community, I recommend it!  But I warn you, you may fall in love with Community (it's a good thing, trust me).
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Day 05 - A show you hate

Ok so, you know how much I loved community and Jeff, so imagine how psyched I was when I heard Joel McHale had a new show coming out! And Stephen Fry was in it too!


The Great Indoors was not just a disappointment, it was...  Just... Horrendous. It was so bad. Like, I wanted to cry, bad. I could barely sit through the pilot, but I did, cause damn it, mama didn't raise no quitter. 

But dear God.  I can NEVER unsee that. 

I hate The Great Indoors. For raising my hopes of having Joel back. For being so incredibly bad. I also hate Joel McHale a little for actually signing up to this. 


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Day 04 - Your favourite show ever

Ok, so Fringe will always hold a special place in my heart, but... I'd be lying if I said it was still my favourite show ever. That spot has been stolen by Community. Sorry Fringe, it's not you, it's me. 

But seriously though, Community was just downright brilliant. Even during it's 'gas leak' year. Yeah, the quality dropped in the latter seasons, but can you think of any show where that hasn't happened? A bad community episode was still a pretty good one (except Grifting 101, that episode can go die a lonely death in a pit somewhere). Also, JeffxAnnie for the win. 

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Day 03 - Your favourite new show (aired this TV season)

Hey, now that I think about it, I didn't watch that many new shows this TV season! Does Stranger Things count? Because I loooved that show. 

The only new shows I've watched so far are Timeless and Frequency, and I liked them, but I wouldn't say either was a favourite (plus it does not do to get attached to bubble shows). 

Oh wait no! The Good Place! How could I forget! The Good Place gets my vote :D IT. WAS. GREAT. Plus, I get to watch Kirsten Bell again!


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