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To reeeeally kick things off, I'm starting with a meme all about my second favourite thing in the world, TV! (Chocolate is the first, in case you were wondering.)

Here is the list of meme questions for you to steal if you so wish:

Meme questions )
Onto the first question!

Day 01 - A show that never should have been cancelled

That's a though one to start on... There are a lot of shows I wanted another season of, but that's more due the fact that I hate NOT KNOWING how things end, more than the show being super high quality with lots of potential. Shows like Flashforward, Persons Unknown and The Nine fall into this category. I understand why they got cancelled... They just weren't good enough to draw interest. But these all ended in cliffhangers, and for the love of God, I still want to know what happened next! WHYYY?

Almost Human and Alphas did have potential, but sadly, I think they weren't handled as well as they could have, and their audience never really grew. 

Then there's shows that never really got off the ground, like Three Inches and Lone Star. Those seemed to have potential, and I guess I do think they shouldn't have been cancelled. But neither of those really qualify as shows since Lone Star got axed three episodes in, and the Three Inches pilot basically aired as a TV movie. 

I wanna say Community or Fringe, but to be honest, even a big fan like myself can admit those two were near their sell by dates, and cancellation was probably a good thing. As long as we get our movie. 

I think that leaves me with Go On, which I really do think deserved at least another season. It was well written, Matthew Perry was on fire, and it was heartwarming and hilarious. It had a lot of story to tell, and the cast was great. 

But what I really want to with, logic and reasoning be damned, is Veronica Mars, because it never should have been fracking cancelled ever you evil CW bastards. Look, I know season 3 was kind of a mess, but you should have given it a chance, man! Veronica would never have let you down! She was your girl, you backstabbing monsters!

At least we finally got a movie. It better not take Community this long. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie 


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