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 Day 21 - Favourite ship 

Oh my, there are so many ships I'm drowning in them.  Veronica and Logan? Epic. Sara and Michael? True Love. Audrey and Nathan? SOULMATES.  Peter and Olivia? Not even bald weirdos from the future could break these two up. 

Annie and Jeff? Annie and Jeff... Heartbreaking. These guys didn't start off as a pairing, but the chemistry between Joel McHale and Allison Brie was so off the charts they became endgame (sorta). And their story isn't finished yet! They better get together for realsies when (not if!) the movie happens or Imma throw shit.

Maybe Annie and Jeff then. But ask me again tomorrow, and my answer will probably be different. 

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Day 20 - Favourite kiss

There are a lot of kisses out there that made me squeal with glee, but I think Annie and Jeff's 'goodbye for now' kiss in 6x13 is one of  the most memorable and poignant ones...

"I let you go, Annie. From my hands and my head. The heart... Wants what it wants. But I let you go."
"I think... You should kiss me goodbye, or you might regret it for the rest of your life."

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